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  • HackerOne - Scene Drama on the 3DS

    Oh hi. It’s me again. Time to talk some scene drama I guess. HackerOne is a “bug bounty platform”. Quite simply put, if you are a security researcher, you can...

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  • Gunpoint - Review

    Hello ladies and gentleman. How have you been? I have been doing great. In no small part I’ve been feeling great due to this excellent game I just finished playing....

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  • Steam Summer Sale Loot

    So yeah… Steam Sale came around and it left a ravage in my wallet… let’s hope some shit was good. Here’s what I bought. Consider any of these up for...

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  • Gaming is not a real job, or why it actually can be.

    The past few days have been… interesting to say the least. In case you are not familiar what I am talking about, I’m talking about Alex Mauer, the composer who...

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  • Review - Pony Island

    Pony Island is a game about ponies, programming and you being the worst playtester in existence. Saying anything more would spoil the game. So go play it! Seriously though, from...

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